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New Remote Interview System - John Tipton
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New Remote Interview System

New Remote Interview System

Hey, Everyone!

I hope this note finds you well with all the madness going on! We are hunkered down here in LA, thank god for the good weather and a back yard!

I have been thinking about solutions to get us back to work. I put together a system using Zoom which allows interviews to be conducted with producer/ director at a remote location. We can accommodate up to 4 cameras currently, and the interviewer can see all camera feeds live with audio from the sound departments mics as well! We place a laptop or tablet right next to camera and the interviewee can see the producer live as well. This allows for a seamless conversation.  It’s been very solid in testing. I’m also looking into using a wireless hot spot for locations where internet might not be available. On location we go out with a 2 man crew to minimize exposure and the crew wears gloves and N95 masks.  We use only high end boom mics like Schoeps so there is no contact with the talent. Take a look at the short video so you can see how the latency feels with a standard internet connection using wifi starring my son, Finn. It’s his debut on camera so he was a little nervous but I think he’s got a future in film – maybe just behind the camera like his dad! We are also configuring this to work with an eyedirect should you wish to do interviews with talent looking into lens.

Miss you all. Stay safe!